Wildflower Midwifery Support

Contact Information
Phone: 0435822414
44 Enchelmaier Street, Dayboro QLD, Australia, Dayboro 4521


Wildflower Midwifery Support provides antenatal and postnatal support for women, babies and families.

Tailored support services are provided in collaboration with your Obstetrician, GP or primary maternity care provider.

Nurturing women to feel safe, supported and empowered during their journey to and in the early days of motherhood.

Care provided by Kate Gleeson, an Endorsed Registered Midwife. Medicare rebates are available.

Clinic located in Dayboro or antenatal and postnatal care can be provided in your own home.

Are you wanting to give a loved one the gift of extra support? Gift vouchers are available.

For further information or to make a booking please contact Wildflower Midwifery Services

Website – www.wildflowermidwifery.com.au
Facebook – wildflowermidwifery
Instagram – wildflower_midwifery
Email – wildflowermidwifery@outlook.com