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Apologies for the long post in ….

Hi all, firstly all of us here from Dayboro Cafe would like to thank all of our loyal customers that have supported us during these changing times.

Firstly we will be changing our opening times from tomorrow, Tuesday – Friday to 11am and at this stage the hours on the weekends will remain the same, but will be advised if needed.

Secondly Dayboro Cafe has always offered takeaway services and will continue to do so, all our menu is available to be taken away including drinks etc.
We will look at doing a night with some family favorites, when we get ourselves sorted.

Thirdly DELIVERY we will be offering delivery from 5pm, this week we will be doing a soft delivery service to start with as we will have some ironing out to do for sure! I ask that you all be patient with us during this time, this is new and the staff will be doing their absolute best. You will need to pay for your order when you order. Delivery will be set at $10 with a minimum spend of $15.
We are still fine tuning the distance and will continue to do so, if we are busy on Friday & Saturday nights we will only take as many deliveries as we possibly can.
We will not be delivering any milk drinks

We will put a map up with a rough guide, with the following boundaries.

*Lacey Creek Rd, Lacey Creek turn off (& meet point)
*Bond Rd, King Scrub (& meet point)
*Fingerbroad Rd, Dayboro
(& meet point)
*Juffs Rd, Dayboro – out no further then Lees Crossing road.
*Strong Rd, to Briscoe Rd.

Please remember this is new !!!
Please be patient why we work through this as a team.

I will also add our take away menu but but as always we have our
•Hamburgers made with in house beef mince $9.50
•Chicken burgers with real chicken breast $10.50
•Steak burger with rib fillet $11.50
•Works burger $11.50
• Fish burger $9.00
•Bacon & Egg burger $9.50
•Veggie Burger $8.50
All our burgers come in a chip & burger deal as well.

•Family dinner packs
•Fresh sandwiches/rolls & wraps
•toasted sandwiches

Don’t forget almost all our burgers, fish, calamari, chips & gems can be ordered GLUTEN FREE!!

We also have our Salmon,Chips & Salad
And Frittata, Chips & Salad which can also be cooked GLUTEN FREE when requested. Both meals are $17

If you have any questions please PM the dayboro cafe fb page.
Again all the staff at Dayboro Cafe thanks everyone for the support and understanding while we make this transition.

Dayboro Cafe team

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