Dayboro Directory LOGO Update

The old Dayboro Directory Logo

Lions Business Districts Directory Logo

The original Dayboro Directory Logo was taken from the paper based Dayboro and Districts business directory. We figured, as the website matures, we should update the logo…. 

Dayboro and Districts logo for the paper based copy was made by North Pine Printing. Visit them as they are long term supporters and help to make the paper base copy possible. 

The NEW Dayboro Directory Logo

Dayboro Directory Logo

We try to make it POP… the logo for the ON-LINE directory is made by HELP4BIS owner Danielle Latta. HELP4BIS is providing the ongoing support, design, hosting, domain registration and overall management for FREE. 

A local business helping locals..

Can you help us?

Would you mind letting us know what you think of the new logo? No login is required, just select one of the options and click vote.

That’s all. 

Dayboro Directory Logo update.... what do you think?We updated the dayboro directory logo, now we like to have some feedback.

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