Dayboro events linked to #whatsondayboro

Dayboro Events linked back to Directory.

Your Dayboro events now part of YOUR directory listing

Dayboro Events linked back to your directory listing is just something we came up with today. We continuously trying to improve the Lions Dayboro & District Business Directory.

Why don't we link the Dayboro Events back to the organisers that are listed in the Dayboro Directory? #whatsondayboro

FAQ Events

  • Can I add an event in Dayboro Directory?

    Yes you can, just use the events submission form, after you completed that we will get an email, review it and if all is ok we add the event.

  • Does event backlink apply to all listings?

    No, it does not, well, for now, it does not. We only link to advertisers that have purchased a half-page listing or "higher".

    The way the system is set up, it does not show your detailed information if you do not have a half-page listing, this might change in the future.

  • How does Dayboro Events link back work?

    First you need a directory listing, a minimum of half page listing. Any listing smaller then that will not work.

    1. Get a listing in the Directory, if you have a halfpage listing in the paper based directory then you would be added automatically to the online version.
    2. Register your event, you can do this by emailing us or use the events registration form.
    3. We review your event, we do this with all events, and where possible link it to your existing directory listing.

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