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Opportunities are like sunrises.

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them

William Arthur Ward

From a Facebook Admin.

In light of everything that is going on now more than ever we need to come together (at a safe 1.5m from each other) as a community and support our local businesses.

These businesses that are run and owned by locals of the community. Who employ locals. Those businesses that could actually lose everything without support. Those businesses are real people.

So this post is for our local businesses owners who are affected by what is going on. A post to keep people informed, updated and remind people you are here! This is the plan (will see if it works)

Each business can reply to this post. On the reply just let people know you are operating or your hours, what you offer, if you have had to close, any changes etc

If you need to make an update, please do so. Please don’t abuse this because it’s about helping all. Oh and everyone else… feel free to share some love when you see businesses post, ask them a question on their post, find out more, let them know you are still around

Lets expand on that, and open up submissions to the Dayboro Directory for locals businesses. By locals for locals.

Support Local

What you get is a free listing, you can view an example here.

Keep an eye out, around September, to be included in the PRINTED COLOUR COPY of the Dayboro & District Business Directory.

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