Dayboro Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings

Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings

Each year Lions Club around Australia sell cakes and puddings to raise funds for their community projects. In Dayboro, the Lions sell them at various community events and at the Sunday market in the last months of the year. The ladies at Ray White Real Estate are also selling them for us, so many thanks to them.

Since 1965 the Australian Lions have raised $60 million from this project.

The cakes and puddings are made from traditional recipes. My wife and I (Dugi) always buy some for ourselves because they are so good! The cakes come in 1kg ($13) and 1.5kg ($17) sizes and the puddings at 900g ($13).

So, if you’re having a traditional celebration, why not buy one of ours and help support our community!

Yummy lions xmass cake

To sum it up.

  • A 1kg cake is $13
  • A 1.5 kg cake is $17
  • Puddings are $13

Where to get them?
Ray White Real Estate.

Lions Xmass Pudding

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