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Over the years several of us have promoted local vendors and in particular local producers of excellent and honest food. There were a few attempts to connect vendors with customers and suggestions for a community garden was raised (more on that later). 

As with all good ideas and local companies, they need driving and energetic people to make it happen. But more so they need support from the local community. Jackson Produce is one example that comes to mind. A local Dayboro based chap started an order and collect fruit and veggies box. Some might remember, unfortunately, over time, customers dwindled, and as it happens, he had to close up shop. 

Now with the CoVid-19 scenario, it becomes clear that we need a shorter supply chain. More so need to support the local vendors and producers.

Let me introduce REKO Ring Dayboro, you can check pickup times at the Dayboro Events website. (note this is only relevant if you ordered online).

But first.

REKO (Responsible Consumption in Swedish) is a farmers market – online. It is pretty well explained by the author of The Prying Mantis. In short it is a Do It Yourself direct sales.

From their page: 
Reko stands for ‘Fair Consumption’ and is a trade model originally created in Finland. In short, it is a Facebook-based pre-ordering system for local products. Imagine being able to shop a variety of fresh, local and ethical produce from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with the messy hustle and bustle of stores or markets, whilst supporting small-scale producers in your community?

Dayboro REKO ring.

Dayboro REKO ring

REKO Ring Dayboro is an online farmers market where you can source local products, pay the producers directly, and collect your goodies from the Railway st carpark on Saturdays from 11am to 12pm. Some guidelines about how to conduct your purchases will be posted here soon.

The driving force behind it here in Dayboro  are the admins of the group. You can see their names there. 

The first pickup was on Saturday 30th May 2020 and from what I heard… it was AWESOME. Personally I am very excited and hope it will continue. It takes place every Saturday.

Dayboro Facebook Icon
Visit their local Facbeook Page

How does it work?

I think this is how it works. 

  1. You subscribe to the Facebook group.
  2. keep an eye out for new postings on this group. The Vendors will constantly update what they got. 
  3. Order, this is done by contacting the Vendor agree upon payment method and what you order. 
  4. Pick-Up. this is the fun part. Collect your fresh and locally produced food.
How Reco Dayboro Works

The FUN part is, you can make it a morning out. Wander through Dayboro support the local shops.

Grab a coffee from the local cafe’s

Why this post?

Back in March, there was a call for Local Producers to register food for sale and/or swap. REKO Ring Dayboro has risen to the occasion and provided a way better solution/option for shortening the supply chain. 

It goes without saying that the call for local producers is still there, it should be funneled through REKO Dayboro.

Note the author of this article has no direct affiliation with Dayboro Reko or Reko in general. Should there be mistakes please let us know by using the comment box below.

It goes without saying that decentralisation is KEY to good food and sustainable living.

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