Hundrerd Dollars Note

Only paid businesses get listed?

Only businesses with paid adverts in the printed version will be included in the online directory. Is this correct?

No, non-paying will get a mention, the advert is simply not as elaborate. Their name and phone number will be mentioned. See attached for the difference.

We aim to get ALL businesses in the online directory, paid to get the first mention and show higher in the search results. Unpaid get listed on the bottom if there is space left, still, they get added, should they want to be listed.

You still can get a full listing (premium, full-page, half-page and/or quarter page) by applying for one. Not sure if it is too late for the printed version, but it gets you listed in the directory.


Difference between paid and unpaid adverts.


Keep in mind, it is all run by volunteers for free for the Dayboro Lions, you will find that most monies from the paid adverts will be used for Lions Projects.



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