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Opening Hours

Opening Hours for a business is now added to their listings. 

It goes to show that advertising with the Lions Dayboro and District Business Directory is a worthwhile investment. We constantly improve on how we present your business information. 

Opening Hours

Opening Hours are generally those hours during which a dayboro business or organisation is open for customer or visitors. A lot of businesses in dayboro are “home-based” businesses. This means that they have their place of business at home. 

Typical examples are: 

For those businesses that have a “brick and mortar” business in town, you will find opening hours useful. 

Where do I find the opening hours in the listing?

They show different depending what device you are using, we adjust the listing presentation based upon Desktop, Tablet and Mobile device. 

Opening hours shown on a Desktop.

The opening hours for the business show-up beside the business logo, you quickly can see if you should call the business.

Opening hours shown on the Mobile Device.

A mobile device is typically smaller and has less “real-estate” to put stuff on, for that reason we re-organise the information in a more scroll down version. 

The good thing with the Mobile device is that you have Click to Call

More reasons to get a listing

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When your open is IMPORTANT to your customers.

Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever, and it’s far too easy for even the most loyal client to be enticed away by your competitors.

By maintaining regular contact, you will make your clients feel valued and maximise return business, for this reason, they need to know what times your business is open-for-business.

The cornerstone for keeping your customers and getting new clients is ensuring they do not get an answering service, engage tone or even worse drive to your business and find the doors locked.

As mentioned, it does not take much to lose a customer; gaining new customers is more expensive and takes more effort than maintaining the relationship with existing customers.

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