Dayboro events

Updated the events pages.

Under the Dayboro Events menu you now have the following options.
–> Dayboro Events, this page shows the events by the month. You can switch between Agenda, Month, Week and Day. It will give you different views of the events.
–> By Organisers, when we add an event we associated it with an organiser. For example if you are only interested in events from the CWA, you can click on CWA and all the events organised by the CWA will list.
–> Submit event for dayboro, by request we added a page where you can submit your own events. We will validate the events before we add them to the calendar, so allow a few days for us to do that.

Dayboro events

We like to thank Running Duck Studio for allowing us to use the image to “spice up” the Dayboro Events Calendar.

Keep in mind we are volunteers, this is not a commercial initiative.

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