What does views mean?

What is it with the views on dayboro

What is it with the views on Dayboro Directory?

When browsing through the Dayboro Directory site, people click on the adverts, logos and links. We keep track of that, each time someone clicks on your advert in the online directory, the views counter goes up.

The views do not necessarily mean that they are all humans, although the majority will be, it means that your advertisement was hit, opened and viewed. Viewing can be a robot or a search engine that indexes the website.

What are Search robots, you speak of?

Search robots, also known as bots, wanderers, spiders, and crawlers, are the tools many web indexing engines, such as Google Bing , and Yahoo! , use to build their databases. 

Most robots work like web browsers, except they don’t require user interaction. Robots access web pages, often using links to locate and link to other sites. They can index titles, summaries, or the entire contents of documents much more quickly and thoroughly than a human could.

So it is only views by robots?

NO, it is NOT, there is a percentage that can be robots. The majority is actual people looking at your directory listing. On an average there be around 300 users people who visit the Dayboro Directory Website, some might just come there and go OOPS wrong site. The majority is coming to the site with the purpose to find information.

How do we know that? We know that by bounce rate and the time spend on the site. The bounce rate for the site is about 48% which means more than half of the visitor’s search look and read the adverts. They spend an average of 10 – 30 minutes on the site. Articles like this help towards that time spend on the site.

Have a look at one of our PREMIUM listings

Lyhart Fabrication and Fencing are one of your PREMIUM directory listings. The premium listings generally have a full page in the Printed Version of the Dayboro and surround directory. They pay extra for having a premium position and listing in the on-line version.

As you can see, their view hits are very high compared to other listings like full page listings. Their advert is tuned for search engines, as part of the premium listing we do high-level SEO for that single advertisement. The business listing is submitted more favourable to the search engines like google and the like, than the other listings.

At the time of writing the Lyhart Fabrication and Fencing listing had 2425 views.